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The goal with Bubble Puffer was to create a nostalgic game based on the old water machine game, and to test water physics through a game.

Attraction takes you through a challenging world, where you get to test and train your skills in memory, reflexes and patience.

Johnni the Mall Monster

Created with the local radio station ANR as a 24 hour game development challenge while they were on air for the same 24 hours.

Bouncing Bobbi

Bouncing Bobby is a game for you, who need to let out some steam, or just need to think about nothing for a while. Bobby is here just to let you rip him apart! Do it fast, do it faster!


Dane Games have created an updated version of Spigo’s  Balloons, making it compatible  cross Android and iOS.

Balloons is a thrilling adventure which lets you kick back and relax but still challenges your logical thinking.


A game created for 2+1 Idébureau in a campaign for traffic awareness at DTU.


Kasper Fischer Topp

Director and Game Producer


+45 2855 9537

Nanna Fischer Topp

Game and Art Director


+45 2855 9536

Team behind Squire Squarefeet

Thomas Marinussen

Awesome Lead Programmer

Michael Lund

Cat Lovin' Game Designer

Trine Thulstrup

Rockin' Animator and 2D Artist

Kristoffer Lind Holm

Coffee Lovin' Programmer

Christoffer Bech

Master Level Designer

Mette LNJ

Superb 2D Artist and Animator

Thor Vest Tidemand

Crazy Dog Lovin' Writer

Ulrik Kroge Sloth

Happy Ninja Programmer

Khoa Trần Nguyễn

Magical Sound Designer

Julie Elliott

Marvelous 2D Artist